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Black and White Hats – What Each SEO Service Brings

black-hat-and-white-hatLiving in a time where almost everything could be found on the internet, it is only natural that many businesses make sure that they maintain an online presence as well. Those who have successfully put up company websites find themselves having an easier time receiving an influx of clients. One of the reasons for their successes is because they found a way to utilize search engine optimization – in other words, they availed of professional SEO services.

Having an SEO firm take care of a person’s site in order to generate more hits is actually a difficult decision. SEO service concerns all the methods and plans that a search optimization firm uses so that a website becomes more searchable and visible. This also includes whatever goes on the site and whatever happens in the background.

There are many different firms and each offers different packages of professional SEO services. Depending on the company and the package that a site owner chooses, the site will get different types of treatments.  However, some SEO firms can also be deceiving, insisting that they will guarantee a top spot in any search results. So, a site owner has to pick out and discern if he/she is actually getting the best SEO service that he/she is entitled to.

There are actually two major types of optimization, and the type of SEO service differs greatly depending on what the site owner gets. There’s White Hat SEO, which many professional companies use to prove the best SEO service, and there’s Black Hat SEO, which is shadier and involves carrying out exploits in order to get results.

White Hat SEO

Also known as “ethical SEO”, White Hat SEO focuses on connecting with the site owner’s intended audience. Companies that use White Hat SEO conform to the guidelines of search engines (mainly Google) and they strive to make a person’s site relevant by using an assortment of known SEO services like:

  • Content creation – an SEO firm will write articles and make videos or infographics that use relevant keywords related to the owner’s website.
  • Keyword research and analysis – in relation to the previous bullet point, a firm will also research for keywords that are not flagged by search engines as overused and have few other businesses trying to rank for them. They will then analyze how to use these keywords and see if they could be integrated into any type of content that could be displayed in the site.
  • Link building – connections are important and being able to share links with other sites to build backlinks (links that bring a viewer to the owner’s website) through link-building will increase the site’s traffic.

Using White Hat SEO won’t show progress right away, but hiring a good SEO firm that uses this will ensure that there will always be progress and lasting growth in search rankings.

Black Hat SEO

On the other hand, Black Hat SEO is commonly see as an unethical type of SEO. Instead of trying to connect and build an audience for a site, Black Hat SEO focuses on trying to manipulate rankings like taking advantage of loopholes in a search engine’s algorithms. The services that a Black Hat SEO company uses are usually not within the guidelines of search engines, and could include:

  • Manipulating links – this could include buying links or advertisements to be featured on search engines. For instance, a Black Hat SEO company could pay several sites to write about their client’s site and include the site’s link in whatever they’ve written.
  • Keyword stuffing – in contrast to White Hat SEOs careful research and analysis of relevant keywords, Black Hat SEOs seek to put as many keywords as they can into their client’s website. This is so a search engine flags it as relevant because it increases a site’s relevancy by how frequently a search term comes up on an article. The keywords used could have little or nothing to do with the site owner’s business.
  • Cloaking – cloaking is a technique that shows a viewer a completely different description than what the client’s site actually is. A site’s IP address or HTTP header may also be changed to further deceive the viewer.

Most site owners who end up using Black Hat SEO just need a quick boost for their site, and this usually ends with the website getting banned from search engines for not following the guidelines. Regardless of which optimization service a person uses, he/she should always be aware what are pros and cons associated with each option.