Internet Marketing

The History of Internet Marketing

The history of internet marketing is more extensive than you think. Internet Marketing traces its roots from the simple shouting and yelling of a person of his products in the public market or the town market. This is the earliest form of marketing.

As technology developed, marketing adapted and took advantage of the benefits it brought. The development of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in 1450 paved the way for printed ads in the newspapers, leaflets etc. In 1839, posters are now means of marketing as well. They have become so popular in London that they had to be banned.

Radio advertising came into picture in the 1920s while television marketing came into picture by the 1950s. Marketing through magazines entered late into the game as it only started in 1972. At the brink of the 1970s, the mobile phone and the computer were invented. The Internet started around the 1980s.

At first, the Internet was a mere way to send letters (now known as email) and transfer data. It was used primarily by the military and universities. Believe it or not, but most entrepreneurs at the time said it was unfit for business purposes.


However, in 1995, Netscape was able to acquire of the Internet and made the ISP public. This was the birth of the World Wide Web which then paved the way for the internet to be as we know it now. Because of its endless reach, cheap cost and limitless capabilities, the internet is now the ultimate tool for marketing.

In 1994, Phoenix Law Firm Center and Seigel advertises their services by posting a message on several thousand news group. This was the predecessor of today’s SPAM.

In 1995, Yahoo and Alta Vista search engines started in 1995., on the other hand, started in 1997. At around the same time, the term Search Engine Optimization was first used by a multimedia marketing group headed by John Audettes.

Around 1998, Google and MSN were launched as search engines. Google introduced the PageRank which determines how websites should rank. It measures the quality and strength of inbound links.

Around the same time, blog emerges through LiveJournal started by Brad Firtzpatrick., on the other hand, was started in August 1999 by Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan. Eventually, it was purchased by Google in 2003. By 2006, 50 million blogs exist.

Social-Media-MarketingThe high light of history of internet marketing is the birth of the Social Media. Social Media Marketing is one of the famous strategies in the marketing industry. As its name suggests, it is the promotion and advertisement of a product or service through the different social media platforms. LinkedIn, Myspace and Facebook were launched around the same time between 2003 and 2004. On the other hand, Twitter was launched in 2006., the first company to start ecommerce, started in 1995. However, it only experienced a boom in the 2000s. Most of the business analysts dubbed it as a crazy idea since they thought that people would never use credit card online. Now, rakes in about 10 billion US dollars yearly.

With the introduction of smart phones, internet marketing evolved once more. Smart phones enabled 3rd party developers to create their own applications. This way, the customers can now choose what content they want to have and use. Businessmen and marketers took advantage of this by making their own applications.

In 2010, a protocol called Open Graph was introduced to the public. With it, almost all webpages and websites are seen as a social object. Using it, one can set the title, type, description, address, specific location and contact information. Through the Open Graph, you can now describe and set the type of sites as an article, blog or website. Many see the Open Graph as the future of Internet Marketing as it gives people more freedom and capabilities with the use of their websites and webpages.

Only time can tell if Open Graph can also make a significant mark in the history of internet marketing.