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The Dangers of Beautiful Things

Leo Tolstoy once said, “it is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.” There is danger in beauty that humans often fall to. Not to be mistaken, beauty is indeed a wonderful thing and Taylormade golf equipment certainly is. It inspires and makes people do what would otherwise have been unimaginable. Legends such as the beauty of Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships, are only testaments to the power of beauty.

People sacrifice lives for the sake of beauty.

It has a firm grip on the hearts of mankind that drives men to the heights of mountains and to the depths of hell.To drive the point home, golfers are also susceptible to the pangs of beauty. Taylormade golf equipment often strikes an alluring charm on golfers. It is one thing to admire beautiful things and another to want to become the object of beauty itself.In the twilight of human ingenuity, mankind has explored and have started specialized trades. One of which is the art of golf gear and TaylorMade is one of the pioneering companies that have worked on perfecting the iron.


Years of hard intensive engineering have brought the gear into the realms of artistry and elegance. There is no denying that technology today is greatly capable of producing things of awe and wonder, even to the most learned eyes.

With research and science in the picture and the constant reinvention of designs, gear has progressed leaps and bounds over the decades. Now, there is a plethora of equipment available for golfers of all shapes and sizes, from the edging into obsolete to the cutting edge of technology.

Taylormade golf alone already offers a wide range of ogling options.

There is no doubt that among the creations, there are a number of gems and marvels of human achievement, equipment that every golfer admires and longs for.

There is no harm in admiration. However, there are some who, knowingly or not, want to become the objects of beauty, mistakenly believing that acquiring the most elegant and advanced equipment would create a spitting image of perfection. They purchase the latest, most coveted equipment, dress to the hilt and take strolls down the fields flaunting their whole outfit. Somehow, golf becomes more of fashion than sport and golfers end up looking like Taylormade golf mascots.

Not to be confused with collectors, people who have these characteristics are said to be suffering from GAS, which is an acronym for gear acquisition syndrome. Most people who are afflicted tend to amass equipment that they don’t really need, purchasing even the most useless things as long as they are related to golf. Companies also know the existence of this market and prey its weaknesses, releasing products that are not really essential to game play but have a high interest value to consumers, like limited edition gear, for example.

taylormade-golf-bagAt a certain point, people who become affected with gear acquisition syndrome snap out of it. They usually find it hard to dispose of their gear. Since a lot of those aren’t really necessary for every golf player, there are only a limited number of buyers who are willing to take the equipment, usually those who suffer from the syndrome as well. Even when selling good equipment, one still suffers a loss and will never be able to get back the whole initial investment. Nevertheless, there will always be collectors of Taylormade golf equipment. The question then is just about whether you have the money to spare for an item that you aren’t sure you are going to use. So before you go buy some, stop and think. Do you really need those?


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