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Meditation: A Habit of Great Motivational Speakers

Meditation helps reduce stress, and lessen physical and mental sufferings. It has been found out as well that it can improve one’s overall health and improve sleep while increasing a person’s level of empathy and compassion to others.

Have you ever wondered why great have positive perspective in life? One secret is they meditate before they stand up in front of their audience. Below are some samples of quick meditation exercises that great motivational speakers apply in their daily lives.

Secret of Motivational Speakers


#1: Smile meditation exercise
Make meditation a part of your life. It helps you to stay calm, keep you focused and enjoy inner peace. Studies have revealed that meditation can lead you to physical changes in your brain that will make you happy and motivated.SpeakerThis is a simple 10-minute meditation routine that will help keep your mind calm down. The best time to do this is before you start your day.
Prepare yourself. Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor. Rest your hands on your lap. Your spine must be straight and your body is erect but relaxed.

Close your eyes and think happy thoughts. Allow your breathing to help you reach a calm state of body and mind. Think of events and things that make you happy. All you need to do now is to ponder only on your good-humored aspects of your real happy nature. Just imagine what it would be like if you smile. You would realize that by merely thinking about smile, you experience relaxed, happy, content, soft-hearted feelings. Just the idea of smile can help softens and relax your face.

Make a genuine half smile on your face. It helps relax your jaw and face. It can also make your eyes twinkle. You will also notice that your smile spread in all the parts of your face. Imagine your smile is becoming contagious – it spreads to your throat, neck and all the regions of your face. Let your mind rest there for a while.

Spread your happiness to parts of your body. Start spreading happiness to your lungs that provides sense of comfort. Happiness can perhaps bring warmth in that region. Whatever feelings you have, let it flow and just accept it. Fill your heart with happiness – soothing and warming. Breathe. Let the idea rest there for a while. Settle happiness in your heart.

Spread your smile to your stomach and other areas of your body that you want to concentrate on. Go back to the idea of experiencing happiness and smile.

Conclude this exercise through sensing your breathing and being comforted with happy and soothing feelings of a smile.

Secret of Motivational Speakers


#2: Work-life balance meditation exercise
Work-life balance means you balance your career and work ambitions with the other aspects in your life – family, home, spiritual and social relationships. Working too much can create negative impact to other factors in your life. Here is a short meditation exercise to help improve your work-life balance.


Comfortably sit in an upright position with a sense of stability and dignity. Become fully aware of your body with all the different organs doing its own functions and changing sensations.

Focus your attention to the flow of your breath. Breathe in naturally and allow it to happen. Reflect on this, “What do I need to do to find for a healthier and balanced life?”

Repeat the process several times focusing your attention to your breathing. Feel the sensations it bring you. Slowly close your meditation. Make a list of the ideas that come into your mind while reflecting on the question.

The above two meditation exercises have been effective to great motivational speakers to help perform on the craft they have chosen.


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The Dangers of Beautiful Things

Leo Tolstoy once said, “it is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.” There is danger in beauty that humans often fall to. Not to be mistaken, beauty is indeed a wonderful thing and Taylormade golf equipment certainly is. It inspires and makes people do what would otherwise have been unimaginable. Legends such as the beauty of Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships, are only testaments to the power of beauty.

People sacrifice lives for the sake of beauty.

It has a firm grip on the hearts of mankind that drives men to the heights of mountains and to the depths of hell.To drive the point home, golfers are also susceptible to the pangs of beauty. Taylormade golf equipment often strikes an alluring charm on golfers. It is one thing to admire beautiful things and another to want to become the object of beauty itself.In the twilight of human ingenuity, mankind has explored and have started specialized trades. One of which is the art of golf gear and TaylorMade is one of the pioneering companies that have worked on perfecting the iron.


Years of hard intensive engineering have brought the gear into the realms of artistry and elegance. There is no denying that technology today is greatly capable of producing things of awe and wonder, even to the most learned eyes.

With research and science in the picture and the constant reinvention of designs, gear has progressed leaps and bounds over the decades. Now, there is a plethora of equipment available for golfers of all shapes and sizes, from the edging into obsolete to the cutting edge of technology.

Taylormade golf alone already offers a wide range of ogling options.

There is no doubt that among the creations, there are a number of gems and marvels of human achievement, equipment that every golfer admires and longs for.

There is no harm in admiration. However, there are some who, knowingly or not, want to become the objects of beauty, mistakenly believing that acquiring the most elegant and advanced equipment would create a spitting image of perfection. They purchase the latest, most coveted equipment, dress to the hilt and take strolls down the fields flaunting their whole outfit. Somehow, golf becomes more of fashion than sport and golfers end up looking like Taylormade golf mascots.

Not to be confused with collectors, people who have these characteristics are said to be suffering from GAS, which is an acronym for gear acquisition syndrome. Most people who are afflicted tend to amass equipment that they don’t really need, purchasing even the most useless things as long as they are related to golf. Companies also know the existence of this market and prey its weaknesses, releasing products that are not really essential to game play but have a high interest value to consumers, like limited edition gear, for example.

taylormade-golf-bagAt a certain point, people who become affected with gear acquisition syndrome snap out of it. They usually find it hard to dispose of their gear. Since a lot of those aren’t really necessary for every golf player, there are only a limited number of buyers who are willing to take the equipment, usually those who suffer from the syndrome as well. Even when selling good equipment, one still suffers a loss and will never be able to get back the whole initial investment. Nevertheless, there will always be collectors of Taylormade golf equipment. The question then is just about whether you have the money to spare for an item that you aren’t sure you are going to use. So before you go buy some, stop and think. Do you really need those?


Author Bio
Rockbottomgolf and Burner golf clubs, balls, apparel, and accessories are only the latest incarnation of Taylormade Golf promise of improvement and perfection in everything they sell.

Why Your Website Needs SEO Services

Today, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is more important than ever. All online business owners must understand its real meaning and its capabilities for their business. This article will run through what you need to know about SEO.
Seo serviesSEO is like a virtual set of rules that website owners need to follow to optimize their sites and get better search engine rankings. It also helps to improve the quality of their sites by making them faster, easier to navigate, and user-friendly. The entire process includes a set of controls, some guidelines, and a number of stages.

Importance of SEO

Today’s market is so competitive, which makes SEO services even more important. Every day, millions of users look for all kinds of things in different search engines. Website, online store, and blog owners can meet their business goals and grow their business through the help of SEO.

Here are some of the reasons why you need SEO:

Almost every user is more likely to click among the first five in the search results page, which means to rank as high as possible.
Most users trust search engines, so if your website is in the top ranks, users are also more likely to trust your website.
Good SEO practices can improve the usability of a site and overall user experience.
SEO puts you at the forefront of the competition. For instance, if two websites promote the same product, the optimized website is highly likely to get more customers and have more sales.
SEO helps in the social promotion of your business website. Those who discover your site by searching in Google or Yahoo have higher chances of promoting it on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.
If you have a huge website, you need SEO to run it smoothly. If your website has two or more authors, you can directly and indirectly benefit from SEO. Its direct benefit is having more search engine traffic and its indirect benefit is using a common framework before publishing any content on the website.

SEO for Beginners

The above definition of search engine optimization might seem complicated for beginners. Simply put, SEO is a means to improve a website so it would show up higher in the search results of Google, Yahoo, or other search engines.

When using search engines, the order of the returning results is established through complex algorithms, which consider different factors to decide the ranks of the websites. SEO gives your website an advantage and improve your chances to place higher.

Stages of the SEO Process

As mentioned, SEO is a set of rules and processes. It can be categorized into two main stages:

1.On-site SEO – this is everything that can be done on your site to improve its SEO and search engine rankings. So that a website can rank high in search results, it has to meet some guidelines, some of which are rather complex for those who do not have SEO experience. Some of the on-site SEO practices include search engine-friendly (SEF) URLs, Google-friendly layouts and codes, title tags, meta-descriptions, etc.
If you want to improve your website’s on-site SEO, you can start by adding new content related to your targeted keywords and inserting internal links within the website. When writing content for search engine ranking, remember your keywords, but ensure that your content still appeals to readers with correct grammar and spelling and powerful narrative.

A good example is writing an article or a blog post about a topic related to your product. This content would boost your website authority. Adding a link to the related product page enhances your website’s product pages authority. However, avoid links that say “click here,” and instead, use anchor text that is keyword rich and significant.

2.Off-site SEO – in general, this is known as link building, and some call them website promotion because promoting a website properly involves more practices than building links.

Search engines find the most relevant pages on the web and display them on top when users perform a search query. The number of incoming links is one of the factors to decide on the rank a website would appear in the search results.

Incoming links are a sign of trust and they can have a great impact on your rank, depending on where the links come from. It can have a positive effect if the links come from trusted and renowned websites, but it can also have a negative impact if they are article directories, link farms, paid links, etc.

How to Get More Links
Do not focus entirely on building links, but rather focus on making high-quality content for your site. High rankings and increase in traffic can be a result of good content that produces natural links. If you purchase links or acquire them easily, your success will only be temporary and your site will disappear from the top results after a Google update.

SEO and Internet Marketing

SEO is one of the tools you can use in your Internet Marketing campaign, which also includes content strategy, social media promotion, etc. With or without SEO, good content remains an important factor in your website’s success. If you optimize a website without good content, you have minimum chances of a long-term success. If your website has good content, it can be successful with or without SEO, but SEO would give it an added boost.

SEO Services – A Must for All Websites

SEO can help make search engines understand your website better and rank it higher. A good SEO method can drive more traffic, get more customers, and achieve your business goals.

The History of Internet Marketing

The history of internet marketing is more extensive than you think. Internet Marketing traces its roots from the simple shouting and yelling of a person of his products in the public market or the town market. This is the earliest form of marketing.

As technology developed, marketing adapted and took advantage of the benefits it brought. The development of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in 1450 paved the way for printed ads in the newspapers, leaflets etc. In 1839, posters are now means of marketing as well. They have become so popular in London that they had to be banned.

Radio advertising came into picture in the 1920s while television marketing came into picture by the 1950s. Marketing through magazines entered late into the game as it only started in 1972. At the brink of the 1970s, the mobile phone and the computer were invented. The Internet started around the 1980s.

At first, the Internet was a mere way to send letters (now known as email) and transfer data. It was used primarily by the military and universities. Believe it or not, but most entrepreneurs at the time said it was unfit for business purposes.


However, in 1995, Netscape was able to acquire of the Internet and made the ISP public. This was the birth of the World Wide Web which then paved the way for the internet to be as we know it now. Because of its endless reach, cheap cost and limitless capabilities, the internet is now the ultimate tool for marketing.

In 1994, Phoenix Law Firm Center and Seigel advertises their services by posting a message on several thousand news group. This was the predecessor of today’s SPAM.

In 1995, Yahoo and Alta Vista search engines started in 1995., on the other hand, started in 1997. At around the same time, the term Search Engine Optimization was first used by a multimedia marketing group headed by John Audettes.

Around 1998, Google and MSN were launched as search engines. Google introduced the PageRank which determines how websites should rank. It measures the quality and strength of inbound links.

Around the same time, blog emerges through LiveJournal started by Brad Firtzpatrick., on the other hand, was started in August 1999 by Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan. Eventually, it was purchased by Google in 2003. By 2006, 50 million blogs exist.

Social-Media-MarketingThe high light of history of internet marketing is the birth of the Social Media. Social Media Marketing is one of the famous strategies in the marketing industry. As its name suggests, it is the promotion and advertisement of a product or service through the different social media platforms. LinkedIn, Myspace and Facebook were launched around the same time between 2003 and 2004. On the other hand, Twitter was launched in 2006., the first company to start ecommerce, started in 1995. However, it only experienced a boom in the 2000s. Most of the business analysts dubbed it as a crazy idea since they thought that people would never use credit card online. Now, rakes in about 10 billion US dollars yearly.

With the introduction of smart phones, internet marketing evolved once more. Smart phones enabled 3rd party developers to create their own applications. This way, the customers can now choose what content they want to have and use. Businessmen and marketers took advantage of this by making their own applications.

In 2010, a protocol called Open Graph was introduced to the public. With it, almost all webpages and websites are seen as a social object. Using it, one can set the title, type, description, address, specific location and contact information. Through the Open Graph, you can now describe and set the type of sites as an article, blog or website. Many see the Open Graph as the future of Internet Marketing as it gives people more freedom and capabilities with the use of their websites and webpages.

Only time can tell if Open Graph can also make a significant mark in the history of internet marketing.

Black and White Hats – What Each SEO Service Brings

black-hat-and-white-hatLiving in a time where almost everything could be found on the internet, it is only natural that many businesses make sure that they maintain an online presence as well. Those who have successfully put up company websites find themselves having an easier time receiving an influx of clients. One of the reasons for their successes is because they found a way to utilize search engine optimization – in other words, they availed of professional SEO services.

Having an SEO firm take care of a person’s site in order to generate more hits is actually a difficult decision. SEO service concerns all the methods and plans that a search optimization firm uses so that a website becomes more searchable and visible. This also includes whatever goes on the site and whatever happens in the background.

There are many different firms and each offers different packages of professional SEO services. Depending on the company and the package that a site owner chooses, the site will get different types of treatments.  However, some SEO firms can also be deceiving, insisting that they will guarantee a top spot in any search results. So, a site owner has to pick out and discern if he/she is actually getting the best SEO service that he/she is entitled to.

There are actually two major types of optimization, and the type of SEO service differs greatly depending on what the site owner gets. There’s White Hat SEO, which many professional companies use to prove the best SEO service, and there’s Black Hat SEO, which is shadier and involves carrying out exploits in order to get results.

White Hat SEO

Also known as “ethical SEO”, White Hat SEO focuses on connecting with the site owner’s intended audience. Companies that use White Hat SEO conform to the guidelines of search engines (mainly Google) and they strive to make a person’s site relevant by using an assortment of known SEO services like:

  • Content creation – an SEO firm will write articles and make videos or infographics that use relevant keywords related to the owner’s website.
  • Keyword research and analysis – in relation to the previous bullet point, a firm will also research for keywords that are not flagged by search engines as overused and have few other businesses trying to rank for them. They will then analyze how to use these keywords and see if they could be integrated into any type of content that could be displayed in the site.
  • Link building – connections are important and being able to share links with other sites to build backlinks (links that bring a viewer to the owner’s website) through link-building will increase the site’s traffic.

Using White Hat SEO won’t show progress right away, but hiring a good SEO firm that uses this will ensure that there will always be progress and lasting growth in search rankings.

Black Hat SEO

On the other hand, Black Hat SEO is commonly see as an unethical type of SEO. Instead of trying to connect and build an audience for a site, Black Hat SEO focuses on trying to manipulate rankings like taking advantage of loopholes in a search engine’s algorithms. The services that a Black Hat SEO company uses are usually not within the guidelines of search engines, and could include:

  • Manipulating links – this could include buying links or advertisements to be featured on search engines. For instance, a Black Hat SEO company could pay several sites to write about their client’s site and include the site’s link in whatever they’ve written.
  • Keyword stuffing – in contrast to White Hat SEOs careful research and analysis of relevant keywords, Black Hat SEOs seek to put as many keywords as they can into their client’s website. This is so a search engine flags it as relevant because it increases a site’s relevancy by how frequently a search term comes up on an article. The keywords used could have little or nothing to do with the site owner’s business.
  • Cloaking – cloaking is a technique that shows a viewer a completely different description than what the client’s site actually is. A site’s IP address or HTTP header may also be changed to further deceive the viewer.

Most site owners who end up using Black Hat SEO just need a quick boost for their site, and this usually ends with the website getting banned from search engines for not following the guidelines. Regardless of which optimization service a person uses, he/she should always be aware what are pros and cons associated with each option.

Affiliate Marketing and SEO Can Work Wonders For Your Wallet


There are a lot of different opportunities that you can explore online to make money. But out of all the scams and spam options, you will find that some are better than others. One such solution is that of affiliate marketing. This is one of the best and most compelling solutions to earn a living on the web. It is not without work, but it can definitely pay off huge, especially when you combine the power of search engine optimization to your strategy. Whether you’re new at this, or you’ve tried it in the past, there are certain elements that make this worth investigating for the future of your business. To start out, you will need to sign up for an affiliate program, then link it within your page at different intervals. You’ll find that if you do this correctly, you could end up making a lot of money and it’s 100% residual.

The SEO Quotient

Affiliate marketing is easy to get into, but hard to master. Too often, people give up before they make a single penny. If you don’t want to be another statistic, then make sure that you look at putting search engine optimization at the helm of your movement forward. That means that you will need to look at several different elements that will attract an audience to not only view your site, but to buy something. This may seem like a difficult task, and for some, it is definitely harder than most other promotional solutions but the results are better. The different elements are known collectively as seo, but they can manifest a different amount of arenas overall.

Understanding Optimization

The reason why you need to work on seo is because it will send you visitors from search results, plain and simple. When someone searches for keywords, information, or just about anything online, you will get hit with a lot of information. The results are what you’re after, because if you can get listed in the results, you could gain a lot of numbers. The number of hits you get isn’t contingent on the conversion rate that you will receive, but it definitely helps. If you’re looking at affiliate work, you will need to get the right kind of visitors to your page, otherwise you will not convert. It’s for that reason that it’s not recommended to isolate your advertising budget to just PPC. The acronym stands for pay per click, and usually requires someone to spend thousands to get moving forward.

Working on Content

Content is king on the internet. Some people argue that it’s not, but when you start to define the way that content works, you will see that it most definitely is the number one way that you can implement serious attention on the web. This doesn’t mean that you’re just going to post longwinded messages or blog posts. But that is part of it. The whole idea of “content” is in regards to video, infographics, images, text, and more. The more you can combine and balance these things, the higher the chances are that you will be able to gain the leverage needed to gain influence on the web.

Traffic Equals Money

If you can harness the right traffic for your site, you will see a huge difference in your website’s influence. It starts with a trickle, thanks to the right seo practices, and it builds and builds until you’re making a ton of conversions. The longer you stick to it, and the more precise you get with the optimization needed to draw in visitors from organic searches, the better off you will be in terms of affiliate riches. Without optimization, you will have to find other ways to gain a foothold on the web.